Have you ever just layed in bed in silence thinking over your life and cringe at the things you’ve done, and hate yourself for the things you’ve done and hate the things that have happened to you….or is it only me

things that you’ve done wishing you could forget, doing everything you can to just forget it but its still there and you can’t forget and when you think of it, you cringe and start to hate yourself

thinking of things people have done to you and hate them more and more thinking of all the pain its caused you…

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Soo, when people say ohh that persons just a bully thats all theyll ever be…All I think is that its not compeletly true…I was picked on in elementry just about every day, crying cause i didnt want to go to school, going to guidance…

HOWEVER, now all the kids who picked on me and whatever, some of them have become wicked nice and sweet…soo people can change i guess…cause some of them are really nice and theres one thats just different…i dont know…i guess shes not that different, but the others have changed a lot and so, i dont know/think its because they realize that theyve hurt people or just theyve started hanging out with other people…

I’m a nobody….I was never popular…I use to be well known…but at what cost? Id rather have really good friends and be unknown than have fake friends, be well known and be picked on, called fat, poked, etc everyday.

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Random Bitch: Let me guess, you fell off the turnip truck, but ate all the turnips before falling off?
Me: Yeahh, good one, What about you? Fall out of the ugly tree and rip every branch off on your fall down? Cause the apple doesn't fall far from the tree but apparently this one has been run over by a lawn mower...
Random Bitch: ...(silence)....
Me: Haha, yeahh that's right bitch, I may be fat but I can lose the weight while you will spend thousands of dollars and still look fugly....don't fucking test me.
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Help Please!

Okay so I know that no one reads these but if someone did, it would make life easier…I want to dye my hair dark brown/brown like chocolate..whatever you get the point…but I’m so afraid that I’ll like it at first and then hate it or I’ll look fugly.¬†

My mom was upset when I wanted to dye my hair because my hair is basically just shit loads of highlights, different shades of blonde and brown, so I have dirty blonde hair, but it’s what everyone tries to get at the hair salon, I just get it for free :)

I know my hair will grow back, and I’ll have the same hair, But I dyed the underneath of my hair last summer and its still growing out. I don’t know. I want to try different things. I want to dye my hair but I’m so afraid that I’ll look bad. :/

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"Bitch, you have no idea what the fuck I’ve been through…Who the fuck are you to tell me that my life is perfect?! Cut the “Woe is me” shit"
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Okaay, so if you saw my last little rant/bitch sesh, I said that I know I’m fat…well let me explain…I’ve been called fat my whole life that I’ve just accepted it…I know I’m fat and when people tell me I’m not it pisses me off….Like I don’t always just blurt out Ohh I’m soo fat..cause I find that ANNOYING AS FUCK when girls do that! like honestly bitch…stop the pity train because one day someone will agree with you and you’ll go home and actually become fat and drown in chocolate…ANYWAY

I’m insecure…a hell of a lot…I hate mirrors…In my orchestra class, sometimes me and 5 other people have to go into a room and one wall has a HUGE mirror on it and i stand with my back towards it. And sometimes when I’m just standing around I’ll turn around and look at myself in it, and all i see is everything wrong with me…how fat i look how i don’t look pretty, how nasty my thighs are, how i look fucking pregnant…how I’m really fat yet i have no ass or boobs…So basically when I look at myself all I do is degrade myself…

I also have paranoia…so wouldnt it but fucking fantabulous if one of the kids i know read this and was like … o.O cause knowing me and my fucking luck..thats gonna happen.

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Let’s get this straight so I don’t have to listen to anyone anymore…

I know that I’m fat, I know I’ve never had a boyfriend, I know that I’ve never been told I’m pretty by a guy, I know that I’m ugly, I know that I’m stupid, I know that I mess up when I read, I know that I make no sense sometimes, I know that a lot of people hate me, I know that I’m annoying, I know that I’m¬†pessimistic, I know that I’m loud, I know that I can repeat stuff, I know that I forget things, I know I have self esteem issues, I know that everything I do is wrong in your eyes, I know that I hate looking at myself in a mirror, I know I can’t take good pictures I know that you think I’m worthless…

Now what’s the one word you keep hearing? I KNOW! You wanna know why? Cause I FUCKING KNOW ALL OF THIS SHIT YOU THINK ABOUT ME, and I don’t need you to fucking remind me every chance you get, okay?!?! So if you could fucking cut it out that would be nice. I know you think you’re worth more than me…I don’t think so..I think you make a penny look valuable.

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